OzS #30
Sent to Eric (France)

On and on they walked, and it seemed that the great carpet of deadly flowers that surrounded them would never end.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

OzReceived #50

Received from Phillip Lerche (the USA)

I bought you a gift...
That was nice of you, what is it?

The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz?

Oz Is Everywhere

Before reading the Oz books I had not realise that it is such big referent in literature. Maybe because Oz is not so popular in my country. Then, and especially when I started this postal project, Oz started to appear everywhere.

Yesterday, for instance, I was reading Prague fatale, by Philip Kerr. This is a noir novel, so really you do not expect to find the Wizard of Oz among its pages. But in chapter 13 we meet him:
"On the radio that night the Leader eulogized the dead Heydrich, describing him as the man with the iron heart, which I assume he meant to be a compliment. Then again, its possible that our own wicked wizard of Oz might simply have confused the Tin Man with the Cowardly Lion."
Then I read in the Wikipedia:
"Prague Fatale was originally announced under the title The Man With the Iron Heart. The name had to be changed shortly before publication, when the publishers discovered there was already a novel with the same title, also about Reinhard Heydrich, by author Harry Turtledove."