OzReceived #63

Received from Eric Bruth (France)

(Not intended for the Oz Postcard Project, actually. But... Doesn't show it the Cowardly Lion?).

OzReceived #59

Received from Sonia Egorova (Russia)

(This is a Страшила, 'scarecrow'. I silly confused it with a red balloon girl...)


OzS #35
Sent to FinnBadger (USA)

I will explain that those in Jo Files' orchard were enclosed in broad green husks which, when fully ripe, turned to a deep red color. Then the books were picked and husked and were ready to read. If they were picked too soon, the stories were found to be confused and uninteresting and the spelling bad. However, if allowed to ripen perfectly, the stories were fine reading and the spelling and grammar excellent.

Tik-tok of Oz