Oz Is Everywhere

Before reading the Oz books I had not realise that it is such big referent in literature. Maybe because Oz is not so popular in my country. Then, and especially when I started this postal project, Oz started to appear everywhere.

Yesterday, for instance, I was reading Prague fatale, by Philip Kerr. This is a noir novel, so really you do not expect to find the Wizard of Oz among its pages. But in chapter 13 we meet him:
"On the radio that night the Leader eulogized the dead Heydrich, describing him as the man with the iron heart, which I assume he meant to be a compliment. Then again, its possible that our own wicked wizard of Oz might simply have confused the Tin Man with the Cowardly Lion."
Then I read in the Wikipedia:
"Prague Fatale was originally announced under the title The Man With the Iron Heart. The name had to be changed shortly before publication, when the publishers discovered there was already a novel with the same title, also about Reinhard Heydrich, by author Harry Turtledove."

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